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Local Fiestas / Fairs:


There are plenty of Fiestas and Fairs around Villa Hackett, Please see a selection of them below.

Málaga Province has a calendar packed with festive events all year round: Carnival, ferias, tapas tours, processions, street parties… Every village has its own celebrations, associated with local history, traditions or food. And they are all worth discovering.


The local ferias usually start mid-week and finish on Sunday night. In the larger towns they start at midnight on the Saturday or Sunday night and run for a week. The official opening of the feria is usually marked with fireworks. Monday after the feria is often a local holiday designed for recovering from the festivities.


Dates can vary slightly each year so best to check the local Town Hall website which is usually www.<town-name>.es


The traditional dates often appear in the ‘Turismo’ section and the exact dates may appear in the ‘Agenda’ or ‘Noticias’ (News) section. Look out for the feria poster on the website.


Here are traditional dates of a selection of fairs which are accessible from Villa Hackett:



Feria de Primavera (Spring Fair):


Marbella                   8th – 14th June

Estepona                  2nd – 9th July


Feria Real San Roque (Summer Fair):


Benahavis                14th – 17th August

Malaga                     15th – 23rd August


Fiesta de las Angustias Ayamonte (Fiesta):


Mijias                          6th – 11th September


Feria de San Miguel (Fair):


Torremolinos             25th – 29th September

                                    30th September – 4th October


Fuengirola                  6th – 12th October


Feria y Fiestas (Fair & Festivals):


Ojen                            8th – 12th October

San Pedro                 14th – 19th October

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